Big Fan: The Movie That Temporarily Broke This Site

So you probably noticed that I haven’t posted anything since September. Part of that was due to the Big Ten resuming football, which ate up what little writing time I have. But most of it was due to Big Fan, a movie I would have enjoyed at another time. Big Fan is about a lifelessContinue reading “Big Fan: The Movie That Temporarily Broke This Site”

Preview #5: Big Fan (2009)

The Trailer: Why did I pick this movie?: It’s about sports fans and the various psychoses that manifest themselves in deep fandom. I’ve been a sportswriter (Ed.: And John Belushi was actually a samurai, I suppose?) for twenty years now and I’m familiar with the world of the sports fanatic. Most sports fans are normal,Continue reading “Preview #5: Big Fan (2009)”

The Straight Story: A John Deere Letter

It’s difficult at first to imagine enjoying a movie about an old man who rides his lawn tractor almost 300 miles to visit his ailing brother. What could possibly be slower-paced or less interesting than that? Unless he has some wacky adventures along the way, or he encounters some crazy mixed-up characters who turn hisContinue reading “The Straight Story: A John Deere Letter”

Preview #4: The Straight Story (1999)

The Trailer: What do I know about this movie?: Quite a lot. It’s based on the story of Alvin Straight, a man from a small town in northwestern Iowa, who learned that his estranged brother was sick. He wanted to see that brother and try to put things right between them, but he no longerContinue reading “Preview #4: The Straight Story (1999)”

I Don’t Buy Kisses Anymore: For Want of a Nail …

“In the movie [The Nutty Professor], Eddie Murphy plays a fat professor who takes a secret potion and becomes a thin person. As a fat person, he is genial, intelligent, attractive to the opposite sex, and completely lovable. As a thin person, he is an obnoxious womanizer and lounge lizard who goes berserk in nightclubs.Continue reading “I Don’t Buy Kisses Anymore: For Want of a Nail …”

Preview #3: I Don’t Buy Kisses Anymore (1992)

The Trailer: Why did I choose this movie?: First of all, is that not just a great title for a movie? Can’t you almost imagine the movie just from hearing it? Sure, it’s probably a Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie from like 1959, but can’t you just imagine it? Or can you imagine Jerry, Elaine, andContinue reading “Preview #3: I Don’t Buy Kisses Anymore (1992)”

In Country: It’s the Destination, Not the Journey

Norman Jewison’s In Country (1989) is an adaptation of the 1985 novel by Bobbie Ann Mason, about a high school graduate named Samantha Hughes who is desperate to understand her father Dwayne, who was killed in Vietnam. I loved the book enough to dare violate my usual rule: “If you liked the book, never watchContinue reading “In Country: It’s the Destination, Not the Journey”

Preview #2: In Country (1989)

Why did I choose this movie? Against my better judgement, I chose it because I enjoyed the book it’s based on. In Country was the 1985 debut novel of a very good writer named Bobbie Ann Mason. If her name sounds familiar, it’s probably not because of her writing but because of a by-the-numbers, vaguelyContinue reading “Preview #2: In Country (1989)”

Preview #1: L.A. Story (1991)

The Trailer: Why did I pick this movie? It’s a highly-regarded Steve Martin movie that I haven’t seen. Really, that’s all it takes for me. Steve Martin is one of my favorite entertainers. I have no explanation for why I’ve never seen this movie; I just, well, haven’t. What do I know about this movie?Continue reading “Preview #1: L.A. Story (1991)”