Preview #5: Big Fan (2009)

The Trailer:

Why did I pick this movie?: It’s about sports fans and the various psychoses that manifest themselves in deep fandom. I’ve been a sportswriter (Ed.: And John Belushi was actually a samurai, I suppose?) for twenty years now and I’m familiar with the world of the sports fanatic. Most sports fans are normal, well-adjusted people. But some are not. This appears to be a movie about one who is not.

What do I know about this movie?: Not a whole lot, but I’ve heard it’s good. The comedian Patton Oswalt stars as a highly dedicated New York Giants fan and regular sports talk radio caller. A chance encounter with one of his favorite Giants turns violent and leaves him with a million questions.

What do I expect from this movie?: I’m generally a fan of comics playing against type. I have to admit, though, that I’m really not that familiar with Patton Oswalt’s work. I know he’s well regarded and I have read some statements of his that I thought were funny and insightful. So I’m hoping he brings that same level of insight to his role in this movie.

Trailers always lie. I’m guessing the lawsuit in this trailer is going to be less of a point than Oswalt’s inner conflict. When I heard the outline of the plot I thought “This almost sounds like a religious movie” so I wasn’t shocked to see the trailer play up that angle. I have high expectations for this movie; I hope it meets them.

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